Hannahstown Community Centre

Palm Sunday – 10th April

from 3pm-5pm

In order to journey together, Pope Francis wants every person to take their place at the heart of the Church

and to hear every voice and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Our local parishes are encouraged to come together, pray together,

and enter into a Spiritual Conversation about our Church at this time.


Bishop Treanor has encouraged each area of the Diocese to have a time of coming together as part of the Synod.

Coming together to listen and share helps us build flourishing and resilient communities for the mission of the Church today.

  We invite you to come along and take part in the synod by listening and talking to one another in an authentic,

meaningful, and welcoming way.

If you would like to take part in this synodal moment then please feel welcome to join us on

 The session will be facilitated by the Living Church office.