Parish Income – 7th July 2020

Many people are still asking about their envelopes and Trocaire boxes. The St Oliver Plunkett parishioners have been so very supportive and generous during the lock down period and it is truly appreciated. Thank you.

There are many ways you can submit your payments to the parish:

Drop envelopes into the parish house – the staff are still furloughed but you can put them through the letterbox and they will be picked up

You can set up a standing order and have your contributions taken out of your account each week or month which removes the constant worry of having to organise your envelopes or have change available and also getting them to us if you are still shielding

You can write one cheque and attach it to several envelopes and either note on each envelope how much you wish to contribute or we can evenly split across the number of envelopes you submit

The parish draw has continued but you should check your receipt to see when you are paid up to so that you remain in the draw. Payments can be left into the parish house. We accept cheques or cash or, if you need a volunteer to call to your home to collect from you, please ring the office and leave a message.

Trocaire boxes, like the other payments mentioned above can be left into the parish house over the next 2 weeks.