Hospital Pastoral Visitors.

The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (BHSCT) has advised the diocese, as an important provider of pastoral care in hospitals,

of the opportunity for non-ordained lay faithful to be trained as Hospital Pastoral Visitors.

The description of the role and the training that is provided by the BHSCT can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Healthcare Pastoral Visitation Information (

Introduction to Healthcare Pastoral Visitation 2023 (

Chaplaincy services, like many other areas of life, are going through a process of change and opportunities for greater lay involvement in

pastoral outreach within the hospital environment have opened up.  Identifying volunteers within parishes is not an easy task and, increasingly,

people may only be able to commit for a specific period of time rather than an open-ended commitment of several years.

That said, any period of commitment is to be welcomed and encouraged.

If you know of anyone in your parish or wider pastoral community who may suit the role of Hospital Pastoral Visitor,

or be interested in receiving the necessary training to become an accredited Pastoral Visitor within the BHSCT,

please draw their attention to the above information and application process.

Your invitation and encouragement of even one person whom you consider to be an ideal candidate

would be of great help to our brothers and sisters in Chaplaincy ministry.

Thank you.