Good News! Please read.

St Oliver Plunkett public Mass services will resume on Saturday 4th July with the 6.30 pm vigil Mass. There will be many changes and legal regulations that you will need to adhere to for your safety and ours.

We hope to have a team of stewards present in the Church for each of the weekend Masses to help guide you and assist with seating arrangements, communion and entering and leaving the Church whilst adhering to social distancing. We trust you will work with the stewards so we can start to get back to some sense of normality. Here are some of the changes that you will see happening over the next week or two.

The main door is the entry door of the Church for everyone. There is a one way system in place. Please follow the arrows on the floor. There is one exit only which is the door into the car park. Please move swiftly inside to allow social distancing and avoid a queue. There will not be any holy water in the fonts.

Sanitisation products will be readily available in and around the Church and you should follow the instructions for use of these. Tape will mark off areas not to be used. This is for your safety. Stewards will help you to get seated if you need them to. Whilst we appreciate every parishioner has their own routine and likes to sit in a regular place, please accept we need to follow legal requirements so please work with us.

Fr Adian will instruct the congregation regarding how you should come forward for Communion. Please follow the instructions and if you see another person confused or unsure please offer some help and direct them accordingly. Communion will only be administered in the hand.

Missalettes will not be in use for the immediate future but Mass will be on the large screen. The bulletin will likely be available however, you should take a copy home with you and not leave in the Church once you have handled it.

There will be an area set up in the Church for the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the normal time on a Saturday.

There will be no readers or altar servers for service until further notice. There will not be any music at services. There will be no sale of the Messenger, Irish Catholic or Bible Alive in the porch. There will be no shaking of the hand for peace. There will not be a Children’s Liturgy nor will there be an Offertory Procession.

Extra Masses that were on due to lock down, on a Thursday and Saturday morning at 10 am will cease on Saturday 27th June. Week day Masses will open to the public on Monday 29th June at 10 am and take place on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the 7.30 pm Mass will also be back from Friday 3rd July.

The toilet in the Church will still be in use. Please sanitise before and after use. Please sanitise your hands upon entering the Church and again when leaving and place hand towels in the bins provided. Please clear the area directly outside the Church when you leave so other parishioners can exit whilst social distancing.

We welcome all our parishioners back and look forward to seeing you soon. However, please follow guidelines if you have any of the recognised symptoms of COVID-19 so others are not at risk.