God’s Vision for Life

Wisdom – God’s Vision for Life


Each day of our lives we make lots of choices and decisions.
But how do we really know if we are making the right ones?


In fact, the Bible, which is at the heart of our faith, has lots to teach us about ‘Wisdom’ and how to better apply

wisdom to all areas of our daily lives, from friendships to finances, to overall peace of heart and mind & much more!

So why not join the Living Church as we journey through the ‘Wisdom’ program and
learn to experience the transforming power of applying God’s wisdom to our lives.

Each week we will have opportunities to pray, share and reflect on God’s vision for each of our lives

through the study of the Wisdom literature  – Proverbs, Wisdom, Sirach, and Ecclesiastes.

You will also receive your own beautifully presented personal prayer journal which includes inspiring quotes,

notes for guidance and a place to record your own personal insights as you journey through the program.


The sessions begin on Monday 19th September @7:30 pm for 8 weeks via zoom.

To book your place please contact the Living Church Office, [email protected]