So, we had our first weekend of taking details of parishioners attending our weekend services and also taking temperatures of everyone. Fr Aidan did announce last week that it would help if you could write your name, address and phone number on a small piece of paper and drop into a box on the way into Church to save time and long queues. Most people failed to do this and we do understand things are changing all the time and it is hard to keep up to date with everything but it would be great and would save time if you could try to remember to do this for us. This needs to be done EVERY week until further notice.

The taking of your temperature will also continue each week until further notice. If your reading is 38 or over, you will be asked to wait, take a seat outside and then we will redo the reading but if it is still 38 or over, you cannot be allowed into the Church and will be advised to return home and seek medical advise.

Although the above routines are not yet mandatory, we would appreciate your total co-operation to protect yourself and other parishioners at this time.

Many thanks.