Volunteers Required

Pastoral Area Team 
As you know, the six local parishes work together to support each other.

Planning for the future when there will be fewer priests, the team have come up with two areas where parishioners

can get involved in parish ministry. Each parish has been asked to find at least two parishioners to help in a baptism

preparation team and at least two volunteers to be trained to help with funeral liturgies.


Baptism Team
This would involve helping with two meetings per year preparing the parents for the sacrament

of baptism and parental life. Training will be provided for the volunteers.


Funeral Liturgies
The training will help the volunteers and provide them with liturgies for prayers in the home,

prayers at the graveside and prayers at the crematorium.


On a practical level, in our parish it would mean covering on a Thursday, when needed,

or if there were two events overlapping. If you are interested in either post, please speak to Fr Aidan

who will be delighted to hear from you and will answer any questions you may have.